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    Derek check out the Trigger Board Inspiration written by Bob Hoose. He owes it all to ya'll. It is a good story. I saw a picture of you Kim shared with me you were with Sparkey and Richie. You look great!!! It is great to see what everyone looks like now. At least I will recognize people when I see them again.



    Reply from triggerdrummer:


    Hair's a little grayer and not as spikey. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you and everyone at the reunion once we can make it happen. We really appreciate all of the kind things that you and other have been saying about the band. Hope you're enjoying the Histroy section.

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    hey derek...glad you like the pics...i had fun going thru them all and remembering the good times...i sent Kim & Rich a copy on CD and enclosed one for you cause I don't have your address...stay on top of them to get it to you...I would love to see you all soon....Love & miss you, Bev


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    It is so great to finally get in touch with you and everyone that was close to the band. I didn't realize how many people followed us and more than that, how many people are logging on and actually interested in reading about the band. Your pictures are fantastic, especially the ones from all of those marquees with our name posted on it. You know, I'd forgotten about some of those clubs. So glad you had the insight to take those pics. I'll post another history chapter soon and as you can see, I haven't finshed the first year yet. You and Sue were such a big part of the Trigger family back then and if you think about it, that was a small group. It would be great to somehow track her down now that we found you.

    Please keep in touch with me. Other than this site, you can email me at [email protected]. Would love to somehow put together a reunion, just for one night. I'm going to work on it but it may take a little time. You know, I haven't played or sung in a few years other than to get up at somebody's wedding,. Will need to get out the drums and practice. Think that would be a good idea?

    I'll look for your interesting comments on the site. Maybe they should set up another chat room date. That would be fun!

    Lots of love.....Derek

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    Hey Derek,

    Hope you are busy posting a new chapter of the "Trigger History".

    The stories and pictures are great and I am enjoying them. I have a few pictures that I need to post one of these days.

    Not sure you even remember me but I was a definite Trigger girl and was friends with you back in the days.

    Nancy, blonde hair, blue eyes, lived in Old Bridge NJ? Sound familiar?

    Loving this site and enjoying the old stories.

    Glad to hear you are doing well!



    Reply from triggerdrummer:


    Of course I remember you. Who were the other girls you hung around with who also came to see the band. Wasn't one of them named Donna? Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the history stuff and please post your pictures when you get a chance. It's so great and very flattering to see how many people enjoyed listening to us.

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    glenine gregory

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    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope to see ya soon! glenine


    Reply from triggerdrummer:

    Thank you Glenine. I hope your enjoying the History stuff, I'm having a great time writing it.

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    Thought I would say hello..


    Reply from triggerdrummer:

    Sue? As in Sue and Bev?